Hello, my name is Gary and I'm your host

Why do I run this business?

That's simple,

I'm on a mission to avenge the lifetime loss of funds I had to pay for, whenever I have had to use a Hotel or Motel.

Plus I love renting apartments and houses.

Unfortunataly, there are certain things that drive me NUTS!

Its being 'Nickel & Dimed', by a hotel and what makes it worse is that its so blatant.

The service is usually polite, courteous and very efficient and its been super effective for centuries, but what I could never figure out is....

Why is it, when the price advertised, starts fairly reasonably, by the time I've parked my car, connected up my iPad to the WI-FI, had a cuppa and tried to watch Netflix - lets just say I've been "Nickel & Dime'd" to such an extent, that I'm nervous about even flushing a toilet in case its on a meter and I'm running up a bill.

So I, like many before me, decided to stop complaining about it, and converted my first property, Hyfrydle House, into Self-Catering, to see if my theory about this market is true and, as if by magic, I have gradually gained a following of regular clients, who love the simplicity and automation cost savings we can now pass to them instead.

So I hope you can join me on this journey and also save yourself a great deal of money in the process.

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