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Rent a Local Furnished Property
Near Your Destination
Because Its Probably A Lot Cheaper

The Exteriors Will Look Dated

But The Interiors Will Be Okay

They Will Be In Well Established Areas

With Good Transport Links

You Don't Sign Any Long Term Tenancy Contracts

You Only Pay To Stay

They Will Have Been Surfaced Cleaned & Laundered

By Local Independant Cleaners

You'll Have Loads More Amenities and 2 Simple Room Rates

For Example:

This 1 Bed House in West Yorkshire, Is Constantly Being Booked

1 Bed House on a Hill (Sleeps 1-4) Cleckheaton

Prices start at: £79.92 per night

View Details

  • Energy Included – Cleckheaton, from £90.71 per night
    Sit back and enjoy your stay without worrying about energy bills! This rate includes unlimited electricity and heating/cooling, so you can freely use appliances, lights, and heating control as needed. Perfect for a hassle-free and predictable vacation experience.
  • Ultra ‘Savvy’ Saver Rate – Use Prepay Energy Meters and Save! – Cleckheaton, from £77.85 per night
    Looking for the most cost-effective option? Choose our ultra-discounted rate and pay for your own energy usage with the pre-pay meters on-site. (We even give you a starting balance of Ā£10) Easily topped up from any mobile smartphone or device. Ideal for budget-conscious travellers or eco-minded guests. Empower yourself to manage your own energy consumption and save on your stay. Enjoy a comfortable space and feel good knowing you're making a responsible choice.


If You Want To Fry A Juicy Steak or Roast A Dinner

Sit Down At Your Own Dinner Table

Watch A Netflix Series

Do Your Own Laundry

Or Move The Sofa Nearer The Fire or Telly

We Think We May Have Something For You To Consider

Making Working Away From Home
Enjoyable For a Change

Forget sterile hotel vibes. Our digs are about character and chill ā€“ think comfy couches, lived-in charm, and kitchens made for whipping up epic meals (no more overpriced room service!). Plus, say goodbye to laundry woes with in-house facilities and stay connected with blazing-fast internet.

And the best part? Furry friends and family are welcome! Bring your pet along for some quality bonding time, or invite a loved one to share the homey experience.

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Inside view of our 1 bed house ib Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

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