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Escape The Crazy Hotel Room Prices!

Staying at a budget Hotel can be a fantastic experience, if you’re having a passionate affair or first time away from mum and dad.

Maybe not so good if you’re already paying for a nice house somewhere else in the UK¬† or another country, you’re unable to use it and your boss is budgeted to just give you the bare minimum the company can currently afford.

Maybe your house sale or purchase is delayed, you may have had a burst pipe and its flooded, but the worst reason is that your job or training has dragged you away, sometimes across whole continents, from your house, family and friends.

It's no fun, when you can't enjoy your kids
It’s no fun, when you can’t enjoy your kids being with you.

Is this the lifestyle you want to return to at the end of a hard days work?

We are told by some of our guests that although we don’t offer swimming pools and tennis courts, they have really enjoyed their 1, 2, 3 or 6 month stay at all our properties.

When we ask why?

The reason is usually,

  1. We are relatively cheap
  2. Hotels are great, but within a few days you start to feel like a prisoner, because your freedom is limited, the maid comes in every day and makes it all ‘Corporate’ again.
The maid comes in and puts all your stuff in a cupboard or bins it.
The maid comes in and puts all your stuff in a cupboard or bins it.
  • You’re kept warm, but you can’t cook sausages or fry a juicy steak.
  • You can’t move the bed to a better position.
  • You have no decent TV facility because its too far away from the bed.
  • The internet is shared with so many other hotel guests, it’s usually too slow or intermittent.

You then you start to realise that you’re going to crush your soul or go insane if you stay there for more than 3 days.

Dawn can't play her guitar
Dawn’s been in a hotel room for 2 weeks, she’s ready to explode!

So why not save your soul and budget,  at a fantastic house or flat, that offers the same facilities as you already probably have already at home?

So Whats Different?

Well if you think about it, quite a lot.

  • You become independant – your responsible for what time you can come in or out,
  • You have exclusive access to a basic Holiday Home
  • You can do what you want, (that’s legal)
  • You get great encrypted internet¬†
  • You get isolation
  • You can invite your kids along
  • You can cook or order in your own quisine
  • You can lay on a sofa or couch
  • You can do your own laundry,¬† (or pay us to do it).
  • ¬†You can get discounted rates to help your company budget
  • You can eat lunch or cook a meal any time you want
  • You can save a fortune on restaraunt charges
  • You can bring a pet dog
  • ¬†If your sharing with a work colleague, you can do different things that interest either of you, or nothing at all.
  • You can become part of the local, established community, using great transport links.
  • You can study, do a Zoom meeting, have a drink in your own garden, (where possible).
  • You can set your own thermostat to temperature a hotel wouldn’t dream of doing.
  • You can enjoy a home from home.

Great Locations


4 Bed Mid Terrace – (Sleeps 1-9) Walton Liverpool

  • Currently Open
  • Nelson Lancashire
  • Liverpool Merseyside
  • Cleckheaton West Yorkshire
  • Mold Flintshire

Coming 2024

  • Batley West Yorkshire
  • Liverpool Merseyside
  • Warrington Cheshire
  • Birkenhead Wirral



A mature house with a sign that says 'Cosy' on it.
Sometimes a bit worn on the exterior
Inside is where things really matter to our guests
But rather nice inside

1 Bed Flat – (Sleeps 1 – 3)


View Details

1 Bed Self Catering – Maisonette


View Details

4 Bed Detached House with Garage (Sleeps 1-8) Nelson


Prices start at: £117 per night

View Details

1 Bed House on a Hill (Sleeps 1-4) Cleckheaton


Prices start at: £79.92 per night

View Details

4 Bed Mid Terrace – (Sleeps 1-9) Walton Liverpool


Prices start at: £130 per night

View Details

Double Room (Sleeps 1-2)


  • Guests: 2
  • Bed Type: Double Bed
  • Categories: Liverpool

View Details

Single Room (Sleeps 1) – St Johns Ave Liverpool


View Details

Family Size Room St Johns Ave Liverpool (Sleeps 1 – 3)


View Details

1 Bedroom House (Sleeps 1 – 4) – Batley (Kirklees)


Prices start at: £79.92 per night

View Details

Hyfrydle 3 Bed Detached House – Mold (Sleeps 1-5)


Prices start at: £112 per night (+taxes and fees)

View Details


square feet







We Offer 2 Price Structures

Energy Included or Savvy Saver Rate

  • Energy Included ‚Äď 4 Bed Detached (Sleeps 1-8) Nelson, from £138 per night
    Sit back and enjoy your stay without worrying about energy bills! This rate includes unlimited electricity and heating/cooling, so you can freely use appliances, lights, and heating control as needed. Perfect for a hassle-free and predictable vacation experience.
  • Ultra ‘Savvy’ Saver Rate ‚Äď Use Prepay Energy Meters and Save! – 4 Bed Detached (Sleeps 1-8 ) Nelson, from £117 per night
    Looking for the most cost-effective option? Choose our ultra-discounted rate and pay for your own energy usage with the pre-pay meters on-site. (We even give you a starting balance of £10) Easily topped up from any mobile smartphone or device. Ideal for budget-conscious travellers or eco-minded guests. Empower yourself to manage your own energy consumption and save on your stay. Enjoy a comfortable space and feel good knowing you're making a responsible choice.

Amenities Common To Each Property

Our amenities include a Free Broadband, Kitchen Facilities, Sofas, Cushions, Cutlery, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryers, inclusive internet access, Netflix, laminated floor, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Free Parking and more. You’ll be impressed with oversized windows and fantastic terraces. Services for short and long stays.

Rent Unforgettable Spaces

“I‚Äôm from Scandinavia and have been waiting for a trip to New York City for a long time. I‚Äôm so happy I managed to find Aquentro ‚Äď it‚Äôs the best place for a long-term stay! These guys know how to make you feel like a celebrity!”

Byron Branks

“This is not the first time we choose Aquentro for our business visit to USA, it‚Äôs just a super awesome apartment! Everything is so special ‚Äď from rooms decorations to restaurant and gym. I‚Äôm very pleased to be a client of Aquentro and dream to get there one more time soon! I recommend it!”

Stacy Palmer

“I‚Äôm a travel photographer so choosing a hotel for me is not that simple ‚Äď it should be something that will look perfect on images. I found Aquentro as a masterpiece, it gives beautiful views, unique rooms decoration, stunning exterior, and lots of other amenities. I enjoyed so many happy moments!”

Adam Levine



Restaurants & Retail

From convenient local staples to world-class brand experiences, an ever-expanding assortment of great dining and shopping are all within convenient reach of 21 West End.View details

Cultural Attractions

Many of the best cultural institutions in the world call our neighborhood home, creating a year-round program of cultural immersion. From performing arts and theater to carefully curated museums and galleries, there is always something new and exciting.View details

Schools & Kindergartens

If you stay for a long term, a family-friendly neighborhood offers academic achievement for all ages ‚Äď from world class primary and specialized schools, to top-ranked universities for higher and continuing education.View details

And much more…

With close access to parks, running & bike paths, and central access to transit, we offer a convenient way to make the most of your New York stay.View details

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